• Aug 04, 2018     

    Bye-Bye Berlin!

    A French woman, who sings the songs of Kurt Weill & Co. from the Berlin of the twenties? Accompanied by a classical string quartet and a jazz saxophonist? Could that go well? Of course!

    Marion Rampal from Marseille likes to go unconventional ways as a singer. She walks with pleasure on the border between classical art music and popular genres like jazz. So it fits in well that the great composers in the Berlin of the "Roaring Twenties" had a very similar attitude towards art. Whether Kurt Weill or Erwin Schulhoff, Hanns Eisler or Friedrich Hollaender - they all knew no fear of contact between "E" and "U" and went on a musical journey of discovery. An exciting moment in the history of music, wonderfully captured on the CD "Bye-Bye Berlin" by Marion Rampal, Quatuor Manfred and saxophonist Raphael Imbert.