• Jan 02, 2018     

    We Take This Music Seriously

    Interview: Christine Lemke-Matwey; photo: Ullman

    For the New Year's Eve concert of the Dresden Semper Opera, Christian Thielemann conducts hits from the UFA era, which also served as propaganda. How risky is that?

    Friedrich Hollaender is among the featured songwriters featured in this year's New Years Eve concert from the Semper Opera in Dresden. An interview with conductor Christian Thielemann about pop music before and after 1933.

    Interview excerpt:

    ZEIT: Weber emigrated to the United States in 1933, where he made his career as "Waltz King of Radio" and died in 1964.

    THIELEMANN: Contemporary history resonates in our program. This makes it challenging, with all entertainment value, because you have to think about what sounds can do - and what they did not do. The harmless stands next to the horrible. For example, Franz Grothe, who held high offices under the Nazis and composed songs of perseverance, wrote numbers for Marek Weber in 1929/30. They all had a solid classical education, they were fabulous musicians. Friedrich Hollaender studied with Humperdinck!