• May 15, 2017     

    Revue of Melancholy

    By Anselm Schindler, Ebersberg, photo: Peter Hinz-Rosin

    Rotraut Arnold gives a voice to Friedrich Hollaender, who died in Munich in 1976, with theatrical interludes that enchant her audience.

    Today, on the Ansbacher Strasse number 9, between the Kurfürstendamm and the Tiergarten in the heart of Berlin, stands a hotel. On a warm summer evening of 1919, Friedrich Hollaender met Kurt Tucholsky, Joachim Ringelnatz, and other intellectuals and artists. The intellectual pubs no longer exist today, but what has emerged from past artists' get togethers still continues today.

    Friedrich Hollaender was one of the greats of the Berlin cultural scene of the twenties and the following decades: a virtuoso chanson composer and cabaret artist. He partly owes this career to this summer evening. Almost one hundred years later, a songstress and a conductor from the Munich Gärtnerplatz theater adopted the works of Hollaender: Rotraut Arnold and Andreas Kowalewitz.