• Jan 26, 2017     

    Falling In Love Again in Estorf

    source: kreiszeitung-wochenblatt.de

    Hommage of Frederick Hollander at the Aula in Estorf

    Erika Heidemann (mezzo-soprano), Heinrich Rohde (baritone) and Svetlana Bisjakova (grand piano) will perform as a trio "3 von Viererlei" on Friday, January 27th, at 8 pm in the revue "Ich weiß nicht, zu wem ich gehöre" on stage of the Aula of the Elementary School in Estorf. There are hits, songs and chansons like "Falling In Love Again" and "Guck doch nicht immer nach dem Tango-Geiger hin".

    This revue is dedicated to Frederick Hollander, one of the most successful German hits-, chanson-, and film composers of the twentieth century. Most known for the music he wrote for Marlene Dietrich ("The Blue Angel"). After the First World War, Hollander began as a composer and lyricist in the Berlin cabaret "Schall und Rauch".