• Oct 09, 2017     

    Chansons with Julia Schwebke

    Berlin singer performs in concert

    Julia Schwebke and Sigmar Gradl present German chansons, songs and poems by Georg Kreisler, Friedrich Hollaender, Konstantin Wecker and Klaus Wüsthoff among others, under the slogan "Either way!" The concert will take place on Friday, 6 October, at 8 pm in the open space of Schloss Blumenthal.

    Julia Schwebke is an idependent actress and singer from Berlin. However, she grew up in Aichach. 16 years ago, she went to Berlin to study drama and as a student of the well-known chanson singer Brecht and interpreter Gina Pietsch. Since 2006, she worked as a singer and actress in the capital. Sigmar Gradl is a pianist, idependent piano player and organist from Berlin. Gradl studied correpetition and music education at the Hans-Eisler-Musikhochschule in Berlin.