• Dec 10, 2018     

    Eric Clapton seems Capable of Everything - Even a Christmas Album

    by Jan Kubon, MDR KULTUR - Music Editor

    Eric Clapton's "Happy Xmas" could rehabilitate the genre "Christmas albums of rock stars". And that was not necessarily to be expected, because usually such attempts go awry. Traditionally, Christmas albums dipped in jazz and bluish tones are cheesy, often sound and rarely are the big hit. But Clapton is just too good. He even gets a tribute song to the late DJ Avicii without spoiling the overall impression.

    ... But this commercial trap has pretty well bypassed Clapton - at least for American standards. And that's also due to Clapton's song selection. For example, he has transformed the classic "Sentimental Moments" by Frederick Hollander into a very decent jazz song with melancholic blues notes here and there.