• Mar 17, 2017     

    Video - Friedrich Hollaender and his Tingel-Tangel-Theater

    It's not like on Broadway here, at the "Theather des Westens", right around the corner of the Bahnhof Zoo. And the success story of the veneue, which opened in 1896, was variable during the 1920s and 1930s, too.

    Much more interesting things went on beneath the stage in the basement where Friedrich Hollaender opened a cabaret in the 1931 with the self ironic name Tingel Tangel Theater. Hollaender was a leading figure of the literary and musical scene during the Golden Twenties.

    In 1930, his chansons made the movie "The Blue Angel" with Marlene Dietrich a worldwide success, and they both performed together in the Tingel-Tangel in January 1931.

    But another note predominated in Germany more and more: the Nazis were on the rise. Hollaender from a Jewish musical family himself, commented on this mood with the Tingel-Tangle chanson "The Jews are to blame for everything".