• Feb 02, 2019     

    I have to reveal my Züri-Schnurre

    Theater Basel is currently playing the anti-Nazi revue "Spook in the Villa Stern". Glam visited Noëmi Nadelmann and Michael von der Heide during rehearsals.

    The Theater Basel brings the anti-Nazi revue "Spook in the Villa Stern" to the stage. It's a minor sensation. Since the premiere in 1931, the piece has not been performed. The piece was written by Frederick Hollander, one of the most successful cabaret artists and composers of the Weimar Republic.

    For the ten performances, the makers hired well-known Swiss artists, such as opera singer Noëmi Nadelmann and chansonnier Michael von der Heide. They play the Jewish couple Stern, who invites you to dinner. But nobody shows.