• Oct 14, 2017     

    Lavender Songs - A Queer Weimar Berlin Cabaret

    Directed by Jason Jacobs

    Since Inauguration Day 2017, Jeremy Lawrence has been remounting an evening originally created by Alan Lareau in conjunction with the exhibition "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945" at the U.S. Holocaust Museum. The songs, originally written or performed by queer artists in Weimar era Berlin, include the music of 11 composer-lyricists, seven of whom were Jewish. Two of these died in the camps, two committed suicide, one survived in hiding in the Netherlands, and two others escaped to exile - Friedrich Hollaender to America and Mischa Spoliansky to England. The show’s English lyrics and special material are written by Lawrence, who also created the English lyrics on Ute Lemper’s widely praised recording, "Berlin Cabaret Songs."