• Oct 31, 2018     

    Lieder eines armen Mädchens: Nina Proll performs a Recital at the Linzer Schauspielhaus

    LINZ. Romy winner and star of Vorstadtweiber Nina Proll arrives at Schauspielhaus Linz on Sunday, October 14th, 7:30 pm. She has her program Lieder eines armen Mädchens with her. She is accompanied by the Salonists under the direction of Peter Gillma

    Nina Proll, accompanied by the Salonists, interprets songs and texts named after the song cycle Lieder eines armen Mädchens, which Friedrich Hollaender composed in the 1920s for his first wife, the Berlin Diseuse Blandine Ebinger.

    Immigration of the Jews to America as a topic

    This special song recital deals with the fate of the lower ten thousand at that time. It contains time-critical songs that deal with, among other things, the immigration of Jews to America. If I wish for something, I do not know who I belong to and Surabaya Johnny, or The Hunger Artist, Mother, have you forgiven me? And Song of the Lottery Agent can be heard.